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At Northmen Roofing, “quality is our compass” and we believe craftsmanship is our greatest asset. We are fundamentally different than the typical roofing contractor in that we are a repair service company first that specializes in waterproofing and extending the life of your roof – only when the service life of the system has been exceeded is it the appropriate time to consider a full roof replacement. A diligent, project management centric approach is taken with your dedicated project manager assigned to your home from “cradle to grave”. From a detailed preliminary inspection to contract review, installation, and warranty follow up your project manager and the Northmen Roofing team is here to make the reroof process as smooth as possible.

The Northmen Difference

  • Dedicated technicians and installers! We do not outsource labor to the lowest bidder.
  • All underlying damage will be repaired during the reroof process. Generally, all vents, skylights and metals are replaced as a standard practice.
  • Premium materials are exclusively used to create a long lasting and maintainable roof system. We do not cut corners or use budget materials.
  • In house metal fabrication for no cost custom materials which exceed code. More intricate roof systems will typically require return flashings, brick step flashing or reinforcement in vulnerable areas which are custom fabricated at the Northmen Roofing metal shop and cannot be purchased in distribution.
  • Dedicated certified project managers for each project – we are a low volume producer, so every job has high level of personal attention.
  • No hassle warranty backed by a company who specializes in repairs and extending the life of roof systems.
  • We do not employ salesmen or subject our customers to unethical tactics like high pressure sales, door knockers, storm chasers or insurance specialist.
  • Pre and post roof replacement care. Tree branches trimmed back (limitations apply), driveways are covered with plywood, perimeter of home is tarped to collect debris, ac units and other object covered for protection. Full clean up service when job complete.
  • Award winning customer service team! (see expertise, nextdoor and home advisor for latest service awards)

Re-Roof Process

  • Inspection – A thorough inspection is completed by your dedicated Project Manager prior to contract signing to ensure we are offering the most accurate and complete solution up front with no fear of costly change orders. Your project manager is here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. After an inspection a contract is generally sent within 24-48 hrs. after internal review.
  • Contract review – A roof replacement is likely the largest financial investment for your home, so we highly encourage a review to cover the process and unique details of your project. Whether it be confirming shingle colors, coordinating the removal of a satellite dish, or discussing financing options we are here to help.
  • Material Confirmation – Due to nationwide material shortages certain materials are difficult to obtain or have excessive lead times. We will provide options on stocked materials to start and will never collect payments until material selection and availability is confirmed.
  • Contract Signing & Deposit Request – To formally kick off the project a deposit is requested to lock in material and start the permitting process.
  • Permitting – All projects require homeowner signatures on permitting documents along with notary which will be coordinated with Northmen Roofing project managers.
  • Roof Replacement Service – With permit approval, material delivery is generally lined up within a few days. In most cases material is loaded directly on the roof, but exceptions do apply, and this would be noted and discussed. Most roof replacements are completed start to finish in 2 – 4 days including inspections.
  • Close out – When the project is complete a project manager will review all facets of the project in person, take care of any punch out items and ensure details and cleanup have been addressed.
  • Warranty period – All roof replacements are backed by a hassle free 5-year warranty. If ever there is a problem, contact your project manager or the office to schedule a review within 48 hrs.

Shingle Roof Replacement

The standard roof system seen in Central Florida. A cost-effective option that requires an experienced team of installers to get the maximum life out of roof which is susceptible to high winds and extreme UV/temperatures seen in the Orlando area.

Preferred product is the Certainteed Landmark series, which is a high quality, reliable choice which has the heaviest weight shingle in its class. Northmen Roofing is a certified installer and Certainteed SELECT ShingleMaster™.

Expected Service life: 15 Years

Pros: Least expensive up-front cost, many colors to choose from,

Cons: Difficult or impossible to repairs after 10-12 years, no viable options to extend service life. Must consider cost of solar panel removal and re-installation for reroof process.

Tile Roof Replacement

The pinnacle of sophistication and elegance for an Orlando roof. Tile Roof replacements are not for the faint of heart and require a high level of technical expertise and project management to effectively complete without mishap. Northmen Roofing charter as a tile roof repair service company and in house metal fabrication make us a truly unique provider of this service.

Expected Service life: 30-50 Years

Pros: Most visually appealing roof system, countless color and shape options, can be painted/coated to extend life and refurbish appearance

Cons: Most expensive roof system for upfront cost, continued maintenance and repairs, very long lead time for new tile, difficult to obtain discontinued tiles for future repairs, prone to rodent intrusion, lack of qualified service technicians, routine maintenance required to achieve full-service life. Challenging to install solar panel brackets without causing leaks.

Styles: Slate, Split Slate, Shake, Split Shake, Flat (Smooth), Rustic Shake, Cap and Pan, S tile, Mission, Barrel, and more.

Brands: Boral (now Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions), Eagle Roofing Products, Verea Premium Clay Tiles, Crown Roof Tiles, Brava Roof Tile.

Flat Roof Replacement

Florida residential flat roofs are generally Modified Bitumen / Torch Down or Tar & Gravel which typically must be replaced with a modern roofing system. A new Modified Bitumen Flat roof should last 20+ years with proper maintenance.

Some flat roof systems can also utilize Liquid Applied Roofing systems such as our American Weatherstar Ure-a-sil system which will add a minimum of 10 years of life (backed by a full warranty), can be reapplied for extended life, and installed at a fraction of the cost.

Expected Service Life: 20 years + 10 years per liquid coating

Pros: Good cost for service life, if maintained coatings can be applied to extend roof life almost indefinitely.

Cons: Prone to leaking at seams or collecting standing water with poor installation, requires constant maintenance to remove debris, not the most visually appealing roof system, must have proper installation to achieve waterproofing

Metal Roof Replacement

The “iron man” of Florida roofing systems, the metal roof with proper maintenance and care should last up to and exceeding 50 years with warranties on the metal and coatings lasting 25 to 45 years. Available in numerous contours, thickness, finishes and colors it is best to review every project and consider all factors to find the best fit for your home goals. In general, metal roofs tend to provide the greatest long-term value for a central Florida roof.

Expected Service Life: 45+ years

Pros: Best long-term value, highly durable, requires little maintenance (especially standing seam), very resistant to leaks, many shape, color and coating options, best manufacturer warranty for metals and coatings, can be painted and re-coated. Reflects heat with potential energy savings. Likely the most environmentally friendly roofing option. Great substrate for solar panel installation.

Cons: Higher up front installation cost (compared to shingle). Subjectively, the look and sound made during rain can be unappealing.

Styles: Residential, Commercial, PBR, 5-V (5V), Standing Seam, Corrugated, Hidden fastener, exposed fastener.

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