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In the roofing industry, roof repairs can be done 99% right and still be 100% wrong. Between poor installation practices, extreme weather conditions, and general product fatigue, the reasons a system fails can outnumber the ways to fix it. To prevent costly mistakes, a Roofer must have an in-depth knowledge of waterproofing systems and should know the hazards they face.

That’s why the team at Northmen Roofing starts every project by properly diagnosing the problem and helps find the solution that suits our customer’s best interests. We bring a no-nonsense approach to leak diagnosis and finding repair solutions.

Honesty, practicality, and workmanship are not optional conveniences, but the minimum requirements to provide our customers with the best roof repairs possible. Whether replacing a few missing roof tiles or performing a partial system re-build, our team can do what’s necessary to meet our customer’s waterproofing needs. Here is yet another reason for you to contact Northmen Roofing when you want your roof repairs to be lasting and performed correctly.

Roof Replacement

Full system replacement is a serious commitment and one of the largest investments a property owner can make. This decision should come after all relative factors have been reviewed and are understood by a property owner. Some roofs are made to last 100 years while others won’t make it through the next major weather event. The only thing that is certain is every roof will eventually need to address the effects of time.

At Northmen Roofing we understand each roof is unique and will face a variety of challenges in its service life. The systems that keep our customers safe and dry must perform the monumental task of harboring the harsh elements at bay. With our strong background in residential and commercial systems, the Northmen team brings a diverse knowledge of roofing products and understands the techniques needed to give our customers the best roof possible.

We make a commitment to selecting the right materials for the job and stand by our work by offering a robust warranty period. Our objective isn’t to just meet Florida building codes, but to create roofs that can stand up to the stringent requirements that are needed to protect our customs and their property. While other companies may focus only on the outward appearance of a roof, our team knows that workmanship is the key to system longevity and strength.

Roof Maintenance

While the maintenance for every roof is different, regular upkeep can help extend a roof’s service life and can resolve smaller problems before they threaten system integrity. Local conditions demand the highest level of performance out of a roof, and the toll this has on a system can go unnoticed for years.

Our team often repairs roof leaks that could have been avoided with regular roof maintenance, and to help our customers get the most out of their systems, Northmen Roofing offers a host of services that can add valuable years of life to a roof. From clearing away storm debris to seasonal upkeep, our services focus on minimizing the effects of age and the elements.

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