Business to Business Services

Project Management, Quality Control & Roof Replacement Consulting

Even a new, accurately installed roofing system can fail, if it isn’t properly maintained and managed. You need the know-how and time to manage your roof assets.

Our Design Team will meet with you to select a roofing system which is Building Code compliant and meets the budget needs and performance requirements of the Client. At that time, CRC will conduct an onsite pre bid meeting with well qualified contractors. CRC will review the bids with the owner and recommend award of contract. CRC will conduct a preconstruction meeting, monitor the work in progress, approve release of payments from client, review closeout documents / warranties, and conduct final inspection. Through this process, CRC assures the Client that they receive a quality project which will perform as expected.

Roof Condition Assessments

Roof Survey / Life Cycle Plan

Our roof analysts provide the commercial marketplace with a full report based on ASTM Standards. We will deliver a comprehensive report which will include:

  • A full description of the visible roof components (invasive testing must be authorized)
  • A list of general conditions and deficiencies
  • Executive Summary
  • 5 Year Budgetary Considerations regarding remaining lifespan, maintenance requirements and replacement budgets
  • Photographic Documentation

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Our Preventative Maintenance program will ensure that your roof system will perform as long as practical, with a minimum of storm water intrusion. This program reduces unnecessary emergency repairs and the resulting business interruption. The program is fully deductible in the tax year the work occurs. At the conclusion of the maintenance program CRC will provide you with a roof condition analysis that predicts when roof replacement will be necessary. When the time comes, CRC will assist you in the selection of replacement systems, qualifying selected contractors, and provide project management through the duration of the project.

Leak & Water Intrusion Detection/Infared Moisture Surveys

CRC employs all current technologies to discover the source of storm water entry and the extent to which storm water has infiltrated the roof system. The tools CRC utilizes includes infrared camera, Tramex Leak Detector (Capacitance Induction) and nuclear testing. CRC will perform invasive testing to confirm the results of the test results. The report CRC issues will provide a plan of action to correct noted deficiencies.

3rd Party Customer Advocacy/Expert Witness

Leveraging years of experience working on the most complex of roofing challenges, roofing expert witnesses may be called upon for detailed forensic analysis and inspection, repair recommendations and cost estimations, contract reviews, and other detail roofing related task in order to draw an informed conclusion and provide expert testimony in court.