Northmen Roofing now offers financing through our partner Hearth. It is of the utmost importance to partner with a highly reputable company when offering this service and the process must be handled with the highest ethical standards. Northmen Roofing has pre-paid for this service and receives no benefit for enrolling customers in financing – if financing is not the appropriate approach we do not want you to use it!

Check rates in under 2 minutes

Use Hearth’s paperless secure form to check rates quickly without affecting your credit score.

Loans typically fund in 1 – 5 days

If approved, funding with one of Hearth’s lending partners is simple, with funds being deposited in as soon as 24 hours.

Fixed monthly payments

Personal loans found on Hearth have fixed rates and terms. You’ll know your monthly payments upfront.

No prepayment penalties

You can pay off the loan early with no additional fees.

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